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. >> the real fun happens at the parties. the most exclusive invite is the "vanity fair" soiree. halle berry and richard gere among the attendees. >> and then there's elton john's oscar viewing bash. tim allen and jane lynch turned out for that party. >>> coming up at 7:00, the entire "gma" team is there for a complete roundup. you don't want to miss it. >>> breaking news this morning, a moderate earthquake shook japan for about 30 seconds this morning. the magnitude 6.2 shake did not trigger a tsunami. the strongest shaking about 100 miles north of tokyo. no damage reported at nuclear plants. >>> pope benedict, in his final week of his papacy. his resignation becomes official on thursday. about 100,000 people were there for his final sunday blessing. today, he's expected to issue new rules allowing the cardinals to bring forth the start of the conclave which will elect the next pope. >>> to washington, where it's four days until the automatic spending cuts kick in. the president is warning about devastating consequences. still, there's no deal on the table. tahman bradley reports from washi
. -- halle berry. ed is a free agent. he played at his usual high level, he joined a rich on the nfl network at talked about his free agency. he was asked when he thought he would get a deal done with the ravens. >> i have no clue, honestly. all in one, i am going to start my rehab and my recovery like i have been doing already. when it happens, it happens. there are able to talk about it and get some work done. i will always be a raven. >> he remains a free agent in the league right now. the new tom bray contract should not affect joe's at all. it could be done in three minutes or three years. how is that for shedding some light. the contract extension for three years, now under contract until 2018. they don't want to do that, baltimore is not the only getting hammered today. the pirates game will be postponed. one thing managers despise is a rainout. he took batting practice with the orioles and said this is an unbelievable time to be a baltimore sports fan. right on through the baseball playoffs and the ravens super bowl win. >> we have had a great year in sports in baltimore. we have a v
. >> but this. >> what are you wearing? >> halle berry in versace, jessica chastain in armani. >> this was a happy birthday, mr. president kind of dress. i love. >> reporter: old hollywood glamor on full display. in a sea of strapless gowns, including helen hunt's. guess who made it? >> h & m. >> no? >> yes. >> really? >> accessorized with $700,000 in diamonds. >> and anne hathaway in prada, deciding on it three hours before the show. >> i really like the back. >> i really love the back too. can you do that again? wow. >> during the show, she changed into armani, and the face of dior wore, you guessed it. dior, jennifer lawrence. and this moment caught everyone's eyes. >> she said before she would do that to guarantee a standing ovation. >> do you still feel pressure about what to wear? >> oh, my god, yes. we didn't feel any pressure at all in the old days. literally. you walked in a store and walked into a store and put it on. there wasn't all this kind of stuff. >> don't tell that to quvenzhane wallis. >> i am wearing amari jr. >> actually giorgio armani, with an accessory n
. >> oh, halle berry, the tv does not do her justice. oh, my goodness. she's just spectacular. and she said she wore that because being a bond girl kind of has that look. and robert de niro, as well, getting a chance to talk to him and his lovely wife, grace. so we have more red carpet. >> looking forward to that. >> that is how it began. and then it would continue. to that end, sammy, the afterparty, all the stars going to celebrate, trailing in your wake. >> i am exhausted by the way. somebody had to do every party there was in town. >> that's him. >> i think lara and i split it up. we're going to take you inside the parties like you have never seen them before. the stars were all out. no matter what you thought about the show, the parties were amazing. guess who played at elton john's party, by the way? >> who? >> we're going to bring her here. emili sande. who rocked it. elton talked about her in the interview. put your money on this, she's the one to watch. yeah, yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> sound check. >> we have the after afterparty going on here. first, news from jos
at the oscars. from naomi watts and halle berry to charlize theron and jessica chastain, metallics and whites were the big hit. the best dressed was jennifer lawrence who wore this white dior gown which paired nicely with her new best actress oscar. let's not forget, though, about the youngest best actress nominee ever, quvenzhane wallis, and her super cute puppy purse. got to love that. >>> and this 9-year-old's day got better when it was announced that she would play annie. the remake of the classical musical that will smith and jay-z will produce. it was to star smith's daughter until she dropped out. >>> steven tyler admitted to spending around $5 million or $6 million on drugs. he went on to say, "it doesn't matter. you could say i've snorted half of peru. it's just what we did." >>> if you ever wanted to see the stars of "rocky" and "raging bull" duke it out, you have got your wish. fit looking sylvester stallone and robert de niro filming a comedy about two old rivals who get back in the ring for one last bout. do you want to see it? >> for the hilarity of it. since it's a comedy. they
's re-created that stellar night with the child models. there's the first lady. and halle berry and a version of that versace ground. and this little girl, imitating "skyfall" singer, adele, complete with the hair-do. >>> a happy duo times two. ben affleck and his lovely bride, jennifer gardener. he needed help with the facial hair. good pictures. very cute. >>> and speaking of kids, question here. would you get a tattoo, a real tattoo, from a 7-year-old? well, if you said yes, head down to abilene, texas, and offer some skin to little alicia gutierrez. >> she is getting lessons from her dad who has been applying ink to his clients since he was 14 years old. john gutierrez says his daughter draws a lot. and with practice, she could be pretty good, by the age of 10 or 12. >> her dream is to open her own shop, just like her daddy. >> that's sweet. >>> and now, to an amazing animal rescue, thanks to a veteran pilot with a bright idea. >> the pilot was called in to help when a deer and her fawn got stranden on a frozen canadian lake. the fawn freed itself. but mom could barely stand
their rockers." >>> still to come right here, we have more exclusive vanity fair oscar secrets. >> halle berry, michael and catherine. new shots from the party everyone is talking about. >>> then hollywood's jennifer lawrence obsession. from her first trip to the oscars to being hit on by jack nicholson sunday night. >> announcer: that's coming up when "e.t." with nancy and rob returns. closed captioning provided by -- >>> "entertainment tonight" breaks down the jennifer lawrence factor. because she absolutely owned the oscars. >> she did. earlier we showed you j. law's quick hair change right after the show. >> even that is big news because america can't seem to get enough of jennifer. >> how did she become hollywood's new it girl? we have the answer revealed by our "e.t." cameras as jennifer shot to the top. the "hunger games" premiere a year ago. >> jennifer! >> flustered by the paparazzi. >> i thought, like, oprah was behind or something. i was like, yes! >> her first time to the oscars in 2011. >> that quote that kate moss quoted. nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. i was like, i coul
magnitude, and for that i thank my family. >> and as halle berry shows, women are more likely to cry. by the way, the experts found every winner is more likely to thank mom than dad. so this year, start counting the dads too. and be sure to tune into the oscars this sunday starting at 7:00 p.m. right here on abc. >>> coming up next here, a personal conversation with my friend, robin roberts, who tells all of us how to find the strength we may not believe we have. she is our person of the week. if you have high blood pressure and get a cold get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. and every day since, two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best
le dio la perfecciÓn al vestido, la siguiente es halle berry, de las mejores desafortunadamente para ella llegÓ charline theron despuÉs. ella hizo un statement. aporfÓ algo nuevo a la moda. un vestido brillante, que tiene diferentes dibujos, lo hace, y te acentÚa lo que te tiene que acentÚar y lo que no. desafortunadamente para todos, la Última es charlize theron, cuando llegÓ todos dijeron por quÉ ha venido, nos va a opacar, y asÍ fue, esa es la perfecciÓn, pelo, maquillaje, vestido. alguien me dijo que ella era la mejor, porque es modelo. tambiÉn, la semana pasada en los "premios lo nuestro" habÍa dos miss universo que parecÍan vulgar, a veces la belleza fÍsica, no tiene que ver como te pones todo. para mÍ ella fue perfecciÓn, tenemos comparaciones, jane fonda y lucÍa mÉndez . lucÍa te comparo con una grande, y la jane fonda que no hable espaÑol, los vestidos eran diferentes, pero claramente un vestido funciona y el otro no. una tiene estilo, no pretende tener 25 aÑos. la otra se arrollÓ una manta verde, yo quÉ se, y amy adams y ninel conde. si alguien la con
hayek, halle berry, sandra bullock, nicole kidman y charlize theron, al igual que las cantantes adele, dame shirley bassey, norah jones y barbra streisand, tambiÉn tendrÁn su momento estelar durante la ceremonia. sin duda el espectÁculo estara asegurado en la gran noche del cine de hollywood amigos disfruten el fin de semana... finalizamos con pedro biaggi, quien luego de una breve ausencia regresa "encendio'
's car? from justin bieber, to alec baldwin, to halle berry. as it stands now -- >> the law criminalizes paparazzi behavior when they are endangering a particular celebrity. >> reporter: but opponents of the steven tyler act says the language is too vague and could be unconstitutional. still, with two-thirds of the state's senators reportedly backing the bill, stars like tyler could soon be singing a new tune. ♪ sweet emotion >> reporter: celebrities supporting the bill are enticing the island state with an economic statement. they predicted celebrity tourism and home ownership in hawaii would skyrocket. next week, senators review amendments to the bill. and the governor says he supports the intent of the bill. >> i like how the lawmakers wear hawaii shirts. >> reporter: isn't it great to go to work like that. >> with weather like that, why not? >>> coming up here on "gma," is britney ready to extend her career to vegas? britney ready to extend her career to vegas? that's coming up in "pop news." . tell me we'll grow old together. in sickness and in health. tell me that i'm still the o
halle berry. there may not be awkward kissing but there may be oscar firsts. the oldest and youngest women, age 85 and 9, have been nominated for best actress. also five best supporting oscar nominees have been nominated before. "chicago" was the first musical to win best picture in 2003. >>>do joining me to talk about tonight's big night jackie reed and john murray in studio. happy to have you here, both of you. good morning to you both. i want to find out what both of you are looking forward to the most tonight. >> seth macfarlane. >> so am i. >> i was skeptical it was announced he was going to be the host but when i saw him making the announcements of the nominees, he was so funny and great at that moment. i'm looking forward to how he'll do tonight. >> he's a genius. he can sing, dance, do it all. are you excited? >> yes, i think he's going to be a great perspective to the show. he's fresh. he's unpredictable. iment excited about the music appear musical, jennifer hudson, barbara streisand, shirley ba basse. >> they're trying to get a younger demographic. >> for the first time th
was in vegas. halle berry was stunning in versace, major comeback from the last awards show in terms of body silhouettes, age appropriate. >> phenomenal, styled by hollywood super stylist alicia stewart. >> charlize theron, cut her hair short for a part but she rocked it. >> she really rocked it. so simple, clean and the hair kind of made it. >> i love that the clavicle is the new cleavage, that shoulder baring dress, i knew i was going to see a lot of that. >> so many strapless dresses last night. totally strapless or sleeves, there was no in between. >> or asymmetric superhero cutouts. >> my favorite thing was the necklace, long necklace in the back. >> sort of added a youthful, fresh touch to a dior couture dress. >> it was truly couture runway, especially when she fell on the steps. it was such a super model moment. will make the cover of every newspaper this morning. it's one of those moments you don't forget. it was elegant and sweet. >> is that a pale pink or a white? >> it's a white with a little blush under it. >> it had a blush undertone to it. >> anne hathaway, a dress that is a l
. >> it's lovely. >> beautiful. >> okay. next look is halle berry. this was a bit of a polarizing look. she looked fabulous. >> versace made her dress for her, head to toe sequins, huge trend we saw at the oscars. capturing this look was really fun. >> let's bring out paulette and tell us about the look she is wearing today. >> we picked this up at bloomingdales for $125. it's that head to toe sequins feel. it captures that combination of horizontal and vertical sequins you saw on halle's dress. >> better than what halle may or may not have paid for it. >> that's for sure. >> thank you so much, paulette. kerry washington wore a beautiful color, very distinctive look. >> it was feminine with a bit of a twist to it. a bit of sparkle as well., for special occasion dresses. >> stephanie, come on out. let's see it. ooh, you really captured the color. >> i love this dress, the gorgeous coral color like kerry's. you have the embellishment at the neckline, which is part of the signature look that she wore, feminine belt and flowing chiffon. this is blue girl, a designer dress
feet. on market there ar for 13.7 miln bucks, your neighbors, halle berry, and exclusive company here. in. >> robert gray from his brand-new home in california, i'm kidding. >> ha. liz: great reporting. >> now, huge deficit in the state of california, and tax hike trying to fix it. we're learn that state is no longer makinga algebra a requirement for eighth graders, bad timing, they already have a hard time boein doing math. >> don't you love hypocrisy, politicians that california condition apply simple math, and now trying to dumb down the math system, if i was a smart family or business in california, i would take up rick perry's offer and move to texas with lower taxes and a better school system. >> adam, what do you make of this? >> it is this topic has nothingo with taxes. educators in southern california have a problem. students are not doing well in theira algebra classes they are following national standards that suggestion it might be better for students to wait, i think this is horrible. i would rather that everyone student in california hav algebra in eighth grade, that is
gown. i loved jennifer lawrence in dior. and i loved halle berry in custom versace, apparently she went there and told them she wanted to look like a bond girl and boy did she tonight. other stories, reese witherspoon and lilly collins, seth rogan and amy poehler. i always like to say, if a bomb, god forbid, were to blow up this building, there would be nobody left in hollywood. >> you're right. >> the thing about this -- the other great thing about the vanity fair party is that at the end of the night, if you've ever been inside, as i've been lucky enough to have been, they serve in and out burgers, and after actresses have been starving themselves for two months straight, they can have something good to eat. nischelle. >> i was just about to say, please, snag one of those in and out burgers, double-double animal style for me. because i'm waiting for it as well. i have to tell you, there is a lot of people i really thought looked beautiful on the red carpet. i'll go a little to the left. i thought sally field looked gorgeous in valentino. throughout this awards season, i think she's be
. she looks lovely. >> halle berry didn't get my huh. >> we love her every day of the week. >> amy adams, some said her dress looked like pidgeon feathers. but she looked great. >> you know who looked good? jane fonda. >> and kerry washington. >> i think this was my favorite dress of the night. >> anne hathaway said my mother said the front is all business and the back is all party. >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of cutouts. she looked great. >> she did. >>> 6:54. coming up a final check of your top stories. >> and including a massive coast guard search for some missing boaters where crews will focus their efforts this morning. Ñá çwçñ at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. [ m
thrown out there sally field for her red number. halle berry for her black and silver stripes. some of them say adams' dress looked like a pidgeon feathers but i don't know. i like it. kerry washington looks great. stunning. >> i'm glad you were watching the fashion. >> a little bit. i love it when they are doing the red carpet and what are you wearing and the mother of brenda cooper said i don't know. i just pulled it out of my closet. >> i saw that. that was cute. >> she was great. >>> it is 5:56. next half hour, a scandal leads to a shake-up in the catholic church. the cardinal resigning just before the pope's conclave. coming up. >> the tide may be turning when it comes to gas prices. why drivers could soon see some relief. >> the search continues for two children and two adults lost at sea. what they used to try to put together a makeshift raft as the ship was sinking. ♪ i got it made, i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made ♪ ♪ fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ ♪ i got it made ♪ ♪ i got it made, i got it made,
supporting actress award for "les miserables." >> they looked smooth out there. >> especially halle berry. a documenter produced by jennifer newsom was not a winner at the oscars but the bay area's pixar taking home a big award. >> "brave" snagging the award for best animated feature. they've had a lot of success. pixar's seventh win in that category since the award was first handed out in 2002. you can see that's dominating. the company planning to keep the party going. they'll celebrate that win today at the emeryville office. >>> the academy of friends which hosts a annual oscar gala has been donating money to hiv and aids prevention programs in the region for more than three decades. >> it's an incredibly important issue. thousands of our neighbors, friends and family members are impacted. we're more positive than ever we can do things that are productive. >> this gala's theme was bow ties and bubbly. an ode to the roaring '20s. >> who doesn't like those outfits. skr skr >> i'm a fan. >>> big news two two bay area sports teams. a trade on the way for the 49ers. find out what we learne
to be a blockbuster. could that help even more if she won the oscar? >> i remember years ago i called halle berry the goddess of lionsgate after "monsters ball" and her academy award win. i have to say the baton has been passed and jennifer lawrence is truly the goddess of lionsgate. i think it helps her tremendously. it certainly helped harvey and bob's franchise, picture, "silver linings playbook." i'm conflicted, because naomi is in our movie and jennifer is in another studio's movie. but i think the performances are tremendous. but i would argue, actually, that jennifer lawrence is probably the biggest female movie star in the world today. >> wow. your pick for best picture. you're an insider. we're all going to be in oscar pools here. we need all the help we can get. >> i think it's great -- we don't have a picture up this year, so, i won't be counting my own. i can't tell you which one i thought was my favorite, but i think it's "abo"argo's" to lose. "lincoln" is tremendous, as well. >> last question, michael. you have a wig pipeline in 2013. what's going to be the game changer for you? >>
. and there is halle berry. and he just plants one on her. >> i'll bet you they didn't tell you that was in the gift bag. >> reporter: and a look back at the unexpected just would not be complete without this jaw-dropping moment. arguably the most shocking in oscar's 85-year history. but presenter david niven barely skipped a beat. >> probably the only man that man will get in his life, by stripping off his shorts and showing his shortcomings. >> reporter: even a cool elizabeth taylor found herself hot and bothered as she tried to present the next award. >> that's a pretty hard act to follow. >> reporter: but on the oscar stage, the show must go on. >> i'm nervous. that really upset me. i think i'm jealous. >> reporter: even if it leaves you blushing. so, from the unscripted shockers to hilarious and moving speeches, we look back at some of the greatest moments. including more surprises in tonight's special. >> a lot of home movies, right? >> there's 160,000 reels in the academy's vault. enough to go around the world 1 1/2 times. and included in that film footage are home movies with people like mar
. it was recently worn. a similar style has been worn by halle berry at the golden globes. >> reporter: a piece like this will cost about how much? >> this is a little over half a million dollars. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. big-ticket items like the bracelet and this $9.5 million diamond necklace come with their own security detail. do you think that a star on the red carpet wearing a specific piece of jewelry can drive sales for them? >> listen, the red carpet is the biggest carpet in the world. >> reporter: it's a gold mine. it is a gold mine. what goes on that day sets the precedent for many sales around the world. >> reporter: after the show, the jewels go back to harry winston. but in 1994, sharon stone claimed the diamond necklace she wore while promoting a film was actually a gift from the jeweler. the dispute was settled out of court. harry winston got the necklace back. harry winston the man was the son of a california jewelry store owner. he had a keen eye that helped him acquire some of the world's most famous diamonds like the i don't thinker and the star of the east. by the time he d
gere, all hit the red carpet before partying it up inside. and presenter, halle berry, revealed what she thought was the biggest surprise of the night. >> ang lee. i thought surprised everybody. but so deserved. i loved "life of pi." >> reporter: at the governor's ball after-party, the night's big winners bumped shoulders with hollywood icons. >> octessica. we're the supercouple. >> what are you going to do tonight? >> i don't know. it depends on what and who is in there? >> how heavy is this? is it heavy? that is heavy. you have this great smile on your face. >> it's great. i'm emotional. i just want a drink. >> we could have gone to the parties. instead, we got up at 2:00 here to do this show. >> i wasn't invited to any of the parties. >>> the national weather service has issued urgent winter warnings for oklahoma city. kansasity, expecting 9 to 15 inches of snow, tonight into tuesday. the same system left a blanket of white over colorado. cancelling hundreds of flights out of denver international on sunday. jennifer is at the weather center. how bad is it? i feel like it's a rerun
away by the -- i felt like i was in vegas. halle berry was stunning in versace, major comeback from the last awards show in terms of body silhouettes, age appropriate. >> phenomenal, styled by hollywood super stylist alicia stewart. >> charlize theron, cut her hair short for a part but she rocked it. >> she really rocked it. so simple, clean and the hair kind of made it. >> i love that the clavicle is the new cleavage, that shoulder baring dress, i knew i was going to see a lot of that. >> so many strapless dresses last night. totally strapless or sleeves, there was no in between. >> or asymmetric superhero cutouts. >> my favorite thing was the necklace, long necklace in the back. >> sort of added a youthful, fresh touch to a dior couture dress. >> it was truly couture runway, especially when she fell on the steps. it was such a super model moment. will make the cover of every newspaper this morning. it's one of those moments you don't forget. it was elegant and sweet. >> is that a pale pink or a white? >> it's a white with a little blush under it. >> it had a blush undertone to it.
, halle berry. larry ellison owns three houses next door. master suite every day. and a few out to santa monica and pacific ocean. i'm not here to sell this house to you. it does a good job on its own. melissa: it is stunning. robert, i think you won. that is why it is the most expensive, you guys are fantastic. great job selling. coming up tonight on "money", a real estate power panel with dottie herman, president and ceo of prudential. douglas elliman. we have bruce iker in, founder and chairman of continuing company and coldwell banker and agent million dollar listing l.a. that is tonight at 5:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. we're keeping the theme going all throughout the day. ashley: a full load of folks. melissa: it is. it will be awesome. ashley: good stuff. coming up next hour one business booming thanks to housing's rebound. fortune brands ceo christopher klein tells us where the home products make us the biggest stretch. tracy byrnes joining me for the next hour of fox business. she is walking in. she is ready to go. don't miss it. we'll be right back. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 whe
the halle berry kiss. moments for martin scorsese, and the good moment for those good will hunting boys from austin. this year's also sure to make history as hollywood celebrates its best year ever pulling in more than $10.8 billion at the box office. >> james. james bond. >> the belle of the ball without a doubt is "silver linings playbook." russell and star bradley cooper both picked up nominations, cooper's first nomination. >> i stumble upon things that you never expect and this was one from the beginning when i first played this character. >> "silver linings playbook" is set up for a big night, becoming the first film that grab nominations in all four categories, joining the ranks of "a streetcar named desire". i'm as mad as hell. >> reporter: "lincoln" is poised to stake home many. steven spielberg previously won for two other historical dramas. saving private ryan and schindler's list. daniel day-lewis is also in prosecute of his third oscar for his portrayal of america's 16th commander in chief. >> she picked up her second nomination for role as maya in the film "zero dark thirty." b
a condom except for on my feet. little bit. little bit. >> stephanie: one more for you jim, halle berry took her top off and dunked her bear breasts into a bowl of guacamole on the set of a movie. it is a scene of a couple who played truth or dare and she just improvised. i should have try at my super bowl party. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: john you had some thoughts about the john brennan hearings. >> yeah. to me he was like the most thoughtful soft-spoken reflective man who would kill us all with his bare hands, but i want to believe a lot of things. i was really disappointed no one asked him why all adult males are considered combatants, i was surprised why no one asked him about the cia's new definition of the world "imminent" because now it means not imminent. and i was surprised by his unwillingness to say water boarding was torture. i think he was great -- i know he is against water boarding -- >> stephanie: yeah, he said he had the impression in 2007 that intelligence came out of water boarding, but since then there has been serious questioned raised abou
was present at the oscars back in 2002. that was the year halle berry and denzel washington both won lead actor and actresses. first time african-americans have done that in oscar history. that's the reason why i remember it. so, no, it hasn't -- she hasn't jumped the shark. it's a silly conversation. >> will? >> let me -- okay, let me just offer you this. it's not worth a red card, that's for sure. it's worth a little warning, a yellow card. it's not about michelle obama's time, whether or not it's better spent somewhere else. isn't it a little uncomfortable when we mix up politics and entertainment in hollywood so blatantly? we accept the fact that it's essentially a voluntary propaganda wing, that it's left leaning, but when it's officially tied together, it's a little bothersome. by the way, the state department funded one of the nominees this year, a short film. i think we need to keep these two worlds separate. >> thanks for playing today. >>> some of the best and worst dressed stars captured the spotlight on the red carpet. we'll show you some oscar fashion hits and misses. you're.
us feel excite and alive. ♪ anne hathaway, we saw your boobs in brokeback mountain halle berry we saw them in monster's ball ♪ ♪ marisa tomei ♪ ♪ we haven't seen jennifer lawrence's boobs at all ♪ ♪ in the movie that we saw we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ kristen stewart we saw your boobs in "on the road" ♪ ♪ helen hunt we saw them in the sessions and score let johansson, we saw them on our phones ♪ ♪ jessica chastain, we saw your boobs in lawless ♪ ♪ jodie foster in the accused ♪ and kate winslet in heavenly creatures and hamlet and titanic and iris and little children and the reader and whatever you're seeing right now we saw your boobs ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the gay men's chorus of los angeles. ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ ♪ we saw your boobs ♪ [ applause ] >> i like that. that was funny. >> stephanie: of course the best part is the part that made the right wings' heads explode. >> and the oscar goes to "argo." >> what? the fist lady! -- the first lady? what's shae doing in my oscars? [ explosion ] >> stephanie: exploding heads everywhere!
, sometimes you don't want to run a risk here. >> it was a lot of strapless, a lot of pale. but halle berry, she's gorgeous, like she could wear a paper bag and you would be like gorgeous. >> she redeemed herself with the golden globes with the versace. >> you love this? >> i love it. >> did you like it? >> i did. absolutely gorgeous. >> she's got a theme. she went back to 007 and that is a step back in time. we saw a lot of deco influence in new york when we were in new york on the gowns and stuff. here it is on the red carpet. you got to remember girls are inspired by the dresses. of course, inspired by that body helps, but that dress fit a 16th of an inch on her body, incredible fitting. >> i was at the golden globes, i saw her, you were like no one can be that beautiful in person. she's that beautiful in person. who did you not love? you did not love melissa mccarthy's dress? >> i did not. so many things. >> so many things. >> so many. we got a little bit of time here. >> a complete look. the hair didn't work for me. the color of the dress, like, gray, it is just never a good color, i d
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